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Toll of wildfires on wine, Conagra's strategy and an investment for Culver's

Stories about the wildfires in wine country, new candy launches and a fresh investment for Culver's struck a chord with readers this week.


Every manager should be looking to help employees advance, but there's no one solution. You must approach each employee based on their specific skill set, experience and career aspirations.

Instagram and AI are among the hot topics being discussed at industry events this month.


Companies that ignore or do not measure analytics are quite literally throwing away valuable information that could help them become more successful.

Robert Ahdoot considers the growth mindset and questions the value of performance-based grades.


So what does make a good leader, athlete or parent? The answer is a strong mind that pushes through adversity.

Fred Ende shares best practices for facilitating an effective professional learning community.

Data word cloud

Not all data is the same. Here's why it's important for marketers to know the difference.


12 entrepreneurs on how to build a great advisory board.

food retail technology

Innit, The Future Market and Northfork chat about the challenges and opportunities that technology represents for the food retail industry.


"To be a great leader, you can't just go speak in front of the company, and communicate where we're going, and be a great leader. You got to do it every day."

Last week's poll question: How likely are you to lead a revolution when you see change that needs to happen?

Managing classroom devices

Three easy ways to make sure devices are a boon -- not burden -- in your classroom.


Is your business making these common data analysis mistakes?