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Google's success as a search engine can overshadow the company's hundreds of other products and services. Here are some facts about them.


Content platforms provide positive and negative attention. Both are opportunities for brands.

Diff Eyewear's Instagram

Brands can succeed in influencer marketing if they keep these tips in mind.


The content surrounding events is as valuable as the events themselves in driving sales, engagement and relationships.

Kindness matters

Kindness matters, in life and in business. Showing a lack of kindness can land a business or a brand in hot water with consumers and the media.

Nike shoes

There is so much conversation today about "brands" and "branding," but the fundamentals are often neglected.


The ability to integrate creative services around data science and standardized ad technologies is proving increasingly critical to agencies.

Kendall Jenner ad

Pepsi missed a major opportunity in the aftermath of its Kendall Jenner commercial fiasco.


How a blockchain-based solution may improve digital advertising.


To say consumers don’t have a lot of faith in brands or their messages right now is an understatement.

Twitter logo

When considering Twitter for your brand’s digital strategy, keep in mind what it excels at: direct communication, immediacy and influencers.

How brands can capitalize on the digital media migration

Media outlets are expected to be faster and share better quality content -- yet have less time or staff to do either. Communications teams can help.

Made in the USA

As the world’s largest market, China offers U.S. retailers lucrative opportunities to reach consumers who desire – and increasingly buy – products that are ‘Made in the USA’ through cross-border e-commerce.

Data on a computer screen

For all the buzz about data-driven marketing today, it can mean very different things depending on the type of company that tries to adopt it.

Personalization critical to driving customer loyalty

Customer demand for personalized content and products is growing exponentially with each generation, and thus it’s critical for marketers that personalized content is integrated into loyalty programs.