White House: US to enter into Japan trade deal in coming weeks

The US will enter into an initial trade agreement with Japan regarding tariffs in coming weeks, President Donald Trump says. Trump says in a notice to Congress the US will also enter an "executive agreement" with Japan regarding digital trade. Japanese Foreign Affairs Minister Toshimitsu Motegi says Japan wants to see the Trump administration stop a threat of additional auto tariffs before agreeing to a final trade accord.

Ga. students learning Mandarin through immersion

Kindergartners and first-graders at a Georgia elementary are learning Mandarin Chinese through immersive instruction. The district has partnered with the Confucius Institute at Savannah State University and a guest teacher program to bring in teachers -- some of them from China -- to teach the students the language with songs, puppets and math lessons.

Drone attacks send oil prices soaring

Drone attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities over the weekend have crippled the country's processing capacity and sent oil prices soaring on global markets. President Donald Trump blamed Iran for the attacks and said the US is "locked and loaded" to respond.

Stew Leonard's enters N.J. with 7th store

Martha Stewart will oversee the grand opening of the first Stew Leonard's store in New Jersey this month. The opening marks the grocer's seventh location, with the last store opening on Long Island, N.Y., in August 2017.

People may not be ready to get their health data digitally

HHS wants health insurers and providers to adhere to new data standards it hopes will allow more people to have access to their health information on smartphones and laptops, but studies are showing people are not at the point where they know about or want such capabilities. Julia Adler-Milstein, a lead author of one of those studies, said although public reluctance may be discouraging for policymakers, the first goal should be ensuring people can get their data when and if they want it.

Eleven highlights saved time with 2-hour ad for JSX

Eleven created a two-hour ad for regional airline JSX to emphasize the amount of time consumers can save by using the brand's hop-on service, which allows travelers to arrive at private terminals just 20 minutes before takeoff. "The Longest Goodbye" begins with a poem that includes the line, "Why must we lose two hours just to catch a plane?" and then shows a very lengthy, awkward farewell between a couple.

Inside Walmart's supply chain technology selection, implementation

When wading through today's plethora of digital technologies, Walmart's Vijay Sankararaman considers the supply chain issue it addresses and the issue's value to the organization, and when introducing technology, the company focuses on retaining system stability, maintaining a simple user experience and bolstering operational effectiveness. During the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals 2019 EDGE Conference, Sankararaman pointed to Walmart's internet of things sensors, machine vision cameras, timely trailer tracking and blockchain traceability as solution-providing technologies.

How Wi-Fi 6 will change the user experience

Consumers will be able to tap into internet speeds as much as 1,000% faster once the new Wi-Fi 6 standard becomes widely supported by home networks and consumer devices. The Wi-Fi Alliance said Monday that it would begin offering certifications for the standard, which will also lead to better downloads in crowded venues such as stadiums.

FDA issues 53 product-specific generic drug development guidances

The FDA has issued a third set of guidance documents this year, this time focused on generic drug development. The 53 product-specific directives consist of new and revised guidance on products lacking generic competition, as well as guidance for complex products.

ESPN head sees tech giants vying for NFL rights

Silicon Valley companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook are likely to jump into the bidding for National Football League TV rights that expire in 2021 and 2022, ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro said, though he expressed confidence his network would retain an NFL deal. Pitaro also pointed to the success of ESPN+, a premium streaming service with more than 2 million subscribers.

Fla. senator seeks to clear way for imports of beach sand

An old law prevents Florida's beach communities from acquiring sand from abroad to replenish beaches, but Sen. Marco Rubio, D-Fla., is reviving a proposal to change that. Citing the recent need created by Hurricane Dorian, Rubio said the legislation "will improve beach renourishment efforts by encouraging greater flexibility in acquiring the best sand for Florida beaches at the best value for federal, state and local taxpayers."

BP to sell all Alaskan assets for $5.6B

BP has agreed to sell all its assets in Alaska to a local firm, Hilcorp Alaska, for $5.6 billion. The divestment is part of BP's effort to sell $10 billion of assets to bolster its balance sheet.

US Senate passes bill to expand TSA Precheck

The US Senate just passed the Transportation Security Administration Credential and Endorsement Harmonization Act of 2019 to expand the number of people who can participate in TSA Precheck to also include certain transportation workers. "Enabling TSA to expand Precheck eligibility to include transportation workers who have already passed TSA security screenings is simply common sense," said Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill.

Wholesale rates corralled with industry-first Marriott, Expedia deal

To counter unauthorized wholesale rates and avoid monitoring several online travel agencies, Marriott International has teamed with Expedia for a first-in-industry partnership that makes Expedia the exclusive distributor for wholesale and promotional rates at the hotel chain's 7,000 properties worldwide as of Oct. 15. The deal won't affect agencies, tour operators and others that have a direct partnership with the hotel titan.