Walmart unveils plan to hire military spouses

Walmart has introduced an initiative called the Military Spouse Career Connection to recruit military spouses, who face a 26% unemployment rate. The program goes along with the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment, an initiative introduced in 2013 to hire 250,000 military veterans by 2020.

New rules expected on sexual assault allegations

Revised rules set for release in the coming days from the US Education Department are expected to give students accused of campus sexual assault more rights, including the chance to question their accuser. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says, under new Title IX rules, schools must be "mindful of the rights of every student."

Brexit deal at risk as UK ministers resign

UK Prime Minister Teresa May is trying to save a draft Brexit agreement with the EU as officials quit her government. Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and other ministers have resigned over the proposal.

Report: Ahold Delhaize looking to acquire more US assets

Ahold Delhaize is looking to add more properties to its grocery portfolio in the US, according to quotes from CEO Frans Muller in a Dutch newspaper. The company currently operates such banners as Stop & Shop and Giant Food in the US market.

Report: Interoperability should be priority in IT purchases

Interoperability in EHR systems allows health care organizations to provide more efficient patient care. Health IT leaders can work toward this at the purchasing stage by committing to developing an IT system with organizationwide interoperability and creating an IT procurement strategy that supports organizational goals and drives interoperability, according to a report from the National Academy of Medicine.

Marketers turn to mobile, Amazon, Stories for holidays

Some 73% of brands say mobile will be more important than desktop for holiday revenue in 2018, and 38% of advertisers intend to invest in Facebook Stories while 37% will spend on Instagram Stories, according to a study by ClickZ and Kenshoo. Additionally, 56% of retailers plan to boost or maintain their Amazon ad spend this holiday season.

Calif. fires trigger ALAN logistics response team

The American Logistics Aid Network is responding to areas threatened by fire in California. The nonprofit organization works to coordinate relief needs through supply chain professionals including for storage, equipment and logistics.

Google adds Night Sight to Pixel phone cameras

Google added a Night Sight feature to its Pixel phones, which allow users to take high-quality images in low visibility. The high-tech feature is more than a simple long-exposure system, instead segmenting exposure into multiple frames to capture the best images.

FDA warns company for sale of unapproved stem cell therapy

The FDA has warned StemGenex Biologic Laboratories for selling an unapproved stem cell product as part of a crackdown on sales of regenerative medicines for unapproved indications. The warning letter also noted manufacturing process violations that could create a risk of microbial contamination.

White House orders reports on national 5G strategy

The White House has issued a memorandum calling for reports and recommendations related to wireless technology, setting in motion a process intended to produce a national 5G connectivity strategy. At the same time, it made a blog post headlined "America Will Win the Global Race to 5G."

Pa. infrastructure receives C- from ASCE

The American Society of Civil Engineers gave Pennsylvania infrastructure a C- in its latest report card, including a D+ for bridges, a D+ for roads, a D for public transit, a C for dams, a C for levees, a C+ for ports and a D for stormwater. "The grades ... reflect the current state of our infrastructure and are not reflections of the agencies in our state that are tasked with maintaining our infrastructure, often with limited budgets," Bob Dengler, president of the ASCE Pittsburgh section, says.

Energy policy seen potentially shifting as Democrats seize House control

Trump administration efforts to roll back regulations related to oil and natural gas drilling likely will face increased scrutiny after Democrats take control of the House. "We don't see them rolling President Trump, but the pace of deregulation at EPA will probably slow down because officials will be much busier dealing with subpoenas," said Robert McNally, president of consulting firm Rapidan Energy Group.

Basic economy might be bad for fliers, but it's smart strategy

The airline industry is an example of how offering clear pricing tiers, starting with a cheap option that offers little or no perks, sets customer expectations and helps them decide whether to spend more, write Thomas A. Stewart and Patricia O'Connell. "By creating a class of service many passengers shun, basic economy appears to have made ordinary service seem less bad," they write.

TSA preparing to screen 25M travelers over Thanksgiving holiday season

The Transportation Security Administration is getting ready to screen an estimated 25 million passengers between Nov. 16 and Nov. 26. The agency is adding 80 canines and 1,200 TSA officers to help keep lines moving smoothly.