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  • SmartBrief provides industry news and information to the most influential and engaged professionals

SmartBrief provides industry news and information to the most influential and engaged professionals in 14 industries. Through our partnerships with premier trade associations and professional societies, we reach 5.8 million senior executives and emerging leaders who make purchasing decisions and shape industry trends.



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Since 1999, business leaders have turned to SmartBrief for critical industry news and information. Our editors surface and summarize each day's most important developments and deliver them to subscribers via e-mail newsletters, our website and mobile apps. SmartBrief’s unique combination of editorial expertise and timely, targeted distribution places us among the most trusted news sources for decision-makers.

"It's about more than just awareness building. It has had a definite impact on how I do business. The information is so timely and far-reaching that it helps me think about innovation and development going forward."
- Reader, CEO
"When I meet with clients, I am better informed. I know things that [they] haven't heard yet, and it allows me to speak knowledgeably about a wide range of topics. It is a great confidence builder."
- Reader, President & CEO

Build your brand and generate new business with customizable campaigns.

Targeted Advertising

Pinpoint your prospects using first-party data. SmartBrief allows you to reach your target audience in any of more than 200 newsletters devoted to niche subject areas or across the SmartBrief portfolio by targeting on business card information.

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Flexible Formats

With display, native and exclusive sponsorship opportunities, SmartBrief allows you to build campaigns to fit your marketing goals. Experienced account managers can provide guidance on products and creative, and our mobile-optimized products ensure your message will shine on desktop, tablet and mobile.

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Detailed Reporting

At SmartBrief, we know that detailed and accurate reporting helps clients drive the best return on investment. Our campaign reports provide the metrics you need to measure campaign success and go a step beyond the competition by letting you drill down to the company names and job titles of readers who engage with your message.