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CBD use at spas reaching new heights

About 18% of US spas were using CBD last year, according to an upcoming report.

Answering the cry

How a district elevated discussion about mental health and removed the stigma of asking for help.

Influencer marketing trends: Part 3

In this final part of his influencer marketing series, Anvil Media’s Kent Lewis looks at six trends for the remainder of 2019 and as marketers plan for next year, including a detailed look at B2B influencer marketing.

Now what? Navigating barriers in a post-merger workplace

Here are two steps to try if you're feeling stuck after a merger or acquisition.

International school benefits from online learning

Distance learning lets an international school expand its curriculum, nurture soft skills and help struggling learners find their footing again

3 things you should know before running Facebook ads

Part 2: Drive more conversions via Facebook Ads with an in-depth look at Pixel optimization by Audience Development Manager, Evan Lauterbon.

Focus on fresh is key when courting today’s grocery shopper

​Investing in produce, meat and other fresh departments is essential for grocery retailers that want to compete for today’s consumer -- both in store and online as ecommerce sales of edible grocery gain momentum.

5 ways to speak up and get your voice heard in meetings

Doing good work matters. But so does showing up and owning your space in the meeting and in the organization.

Optimizing your digital marketing to reach insurance shoppers
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Insurers can reach the right customers through data-driven tools that compliment marketing efforts across channels

What do influencers want in brand relationships?

CEO Abbi Whitaker of The Abbi Agency’s pulls findings from her agency’s in-depth interviews of 50 social media influencers and explains how brands can incorporate more empathy into their influencer relations and build trust with the social media stars.

Top 10: Wendy’s offers breakfast for all, Kellogg develops Incogmeato, unicorn cupcakes at Walmart

This week’s top 10 most-clicked food and beverage stories presented a sea of mergers and acquisitions, and expansions and new products.

These gestures will improve your next presentation

Not enough instruction is given on how to gesture effectively during a presentation.This article aims to bridge this gap.

Pricing for profitability in the new MedTech ecosystem
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How to price your MedTech products

Productive struggle in the elementary mathematics

Strategies for promoting productive struggle in elementary mathematics.

Orchestrating better product positioning along the entire MedTech lifecycle
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How to position your MedTech product