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Top 10: CPG growth, McDonald’s packaging, frozen food

News from McDonald's, Trader Joe's and several CPG companies interested SmartBrief readers this week.

Fixing broken meetings with better communication, collaboration and outcomes

Meetings can be better with a structured, scientific approach. Learn how.

How does your organization view older job candidates?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll question: How does your organization view older job candidates?

How the pandemic fed the growth of food subscription services

The pandemic-era surge in online shopping has also fueled growth of subscription services offering safe regular deliveries.

Success as a leader demands strong self-talk

When we get in our own heads, we often go negative, even if we are outwardly positive. The key is to recognize this tendency and actively reset yourself. Learn how.

College puts prison in rearview mirror

Before John Hunter was a college graduate and budding playwright, he was serving time for assault in a California prison. This program helped him turn around.

How to overhaul leadership

The way we think about leadership and performance competencies is out of date. We need a realignment that matches with what actually motivates people.

Principal uses TikTok to connect, celebrate his school

A parody of a Justin Timberlake song to talk about plexiglass in classrooms and other funny videos have made elementary school principal Nick Holtvluwer a hit on TikTok and other social platforms. See how he does it.

Retail recap 2020: The year nobody expected

RangeMe’s Brandon Leong looks at retail trends created by the coronavirus pandemic and three key trends we can expect in 2021.

3 significant costs of a disrespectful work culture

Most senior leaders have never been asked to manage their work culture. Most don’t know how.

Shining a light on Black excellence in STEM today

Educating students about the accomplishments of impressive Black leaders and many others can help cultivate a more diverse future generation of mathematicians, environmentalists, inventors, scientists, and more, says DreamBox Learning CEO Jessie Woolley-W

Black History Month 2021: How teachers are adapting, stepping up

Educators are facing a different landscape for Black History Month this year. Here’s how they are shifting practice out of necessity, relevancy.

Staying the course

How to be prudent as we move from response to recovery.

Community connections help independent restaurants stay afloat amid pandemic

Rather than set unrealistic goals of returning to business as usual, restaurateurs would be wise to focus on making off-premises sales a sustainable part of their business for the foreseeable future, a panel of independent restaurant operators said.

How AI can help you monitor Facebook ads

Shane Barker, a digital marketing consultant, writes about how artificial intelligence can play a major role in helping you monitor your Facebook ads campaigns.