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The trouble with lies: How to avoid the downside of tribalism

When we stick too closely to our beliefs and like-minded people, we lose chances for learning, connection and thriving.

Why quickserves had an edge in the year of off-premises dining

The pandemic put a focus on already growing quickserve drive-thru operations.

It's time for business leaders to put good first

Employees demand that businesses live a full life -- results, yes, but also fair and respectful treatment, and involvement within the community and on important national issues.

6 lessons learned from the forced remote workforce
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The coronavirus pandemic has affected every segment of American life, and particularly the way we work. Here are some of the lessons the remote workforce has taught us.

Triple Oak Power's Gronner outlines opportunities for onshore wind

New startup to play development role in sustainable electricity infrastructure

How willing is your organization to walk away from low-margin business?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll question: How willing is your organization to walk away from low-margin business?

Healing the healers: How COVID-19 has ramped up the clinician burnout crisis

Experts discuss how the pandemic has exacerbated traditional drivers of burnout and added new stressors to the mix.

The genesis of racism: One leader's story

Racism cannot be tolerated at work. That still leaves room for leaders investigate what fuels and underlies those feelings and behaviors.

Why it's time for businesses to kill the clipboard

Work is digital, so why are so many companies still using pen, paper and clipboards?

A COVID-19 vaccine could lead to a surge in OOH advertising, but is the industry ready?

Wrapify’s James Hellers looks how the out-of-home industry has recently rebounded during the coronavirus pandemic as people have ventured out more. He also looks at the major growth that’s to be expected once a COVID-19 vaccine is approved.

Hospitality industry leverages technology to boost traveler confidence

Hotels, airlines and trains have embraced technology to address traveler concerns during the coronavirus pandemic

Reinventing Retail - The View from Optoro

Optoro's Larisa Summers discusses retail changes spurred by the pandemic and building brand loyalty.

Top 10: Restaurant news, PepsiCo’s ergonomic bottle, perfect smoked turkey

SmartBrief's food and beverage readers were drawn to restaurant news this week, as well as culinary news focused on Thanksgiving.

Leadership behaviors during the new normal: Envision and engage

How do leaders build trust across companies, especially big firms with many people and locations? Former P&G CEO Bob McDonald looks at 2 parts of the 5E Leadership Model.

Fingerprints: The key to getting your proposal implemented

Your executive team proposal needs to be good, but you also need to be good at persuading key players to back you. Here's why.