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An assistant superintendent of instruction explains how new state mandates inspired her team to overhaul its approach to literacy.


Hope can be an action leaders regularly practice, and not just a wish or a feeling.

premium grocery shopping

With a focus on premium shopping experience, some retailers share a specific strategy, functioning as masterful curators of the food and beverage shopping experience.

It can be hard to give up control, but here are actions leaders can take to better delegate.

Power poses

The initial science behind power poses has been discredited, but they still matter in terms of the body language we present to others.

Creamy Creation taps into the natural trend with Craftsman’s Finest line
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Creamy Creation Marketing Manager Floris Daamen discusses the inspiration behind the Craftsman’s Finest line and how brand owners can partner with Creamy Creation to create a pure and unique cream liqueur.

Fresh produce and grill marks help menus turn over a new leaf for spring [Image: Salad with sliced steak]
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As winter turns to spring, menus should follow suit by featuring seasonal produce and lighter fare such as grilled meats.

The most successful logos are often the simplest. Try creating your own by finding an icon that represents your brand and is easy to duplicate.

New multi cooker makes sous vide simple for the home cook [Image: Eggs Benedict in front of a multi cooker]
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Multi cookers are increasingly popular with busy home cooks, and a new multi pot from Fissler adds sous vide to the mix.

Fred Ende shares his key takeaways from ASCD's 2019 conference for educators.

What’s your approach to onboarding new managers?

We look at 4 new features on the LinkedIn mobile app.

It's not a game

Some say the best way to train principals is by telling them what to do. New York City is going a different route--training principals to think, using computer simulated events.

Best practices

Best practices need to be challenged so organizations can test whether they're actually following the best path.

Five steps

You can't own something unless you understand the strategy, the goals and what's expected of you.