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SolarAPP+ seen as a game-changer for residential solar market

Arthur Coulston from SolarAPP Foundation and RMI details the potential impact of new permitting tool

It’s time for contextual to get creative and adaptive to level up

Hindsight CEO Hersh Patel explains how contextual targeting is getting smarter, more creative and adaptive, resulting in “a landscape where the interests of publishers, advertisers and users exist in harmony.”

Why leaders need to know the difference between teams and rosters

Aaron Rodgers' ongoing dispute with the Green Bay Packers suggests that great organizations are defined by the living culture, not what they look like on paper. This lesson extends beyond sports and should concern all leaders.

Changing media landscape brings new opportunities for brand magnification CEO Dilip DaSilva describes how connected TV helps brands provide addressability, relevancy, interaction and household influence in their marketing.

How the pandemic has reshaped the future of restaurants

Whether it’s new or expanded channels for off-premises that cater to lasting demand for convenient meal options or programs that serve the local community, here’s a look at some of the concepts and innovations that are defining the future of foodservice.

How to manage high-conflict through resistance training

Understanding how you and co-workers resist conflict can help everyone manage these situations better. Read on for a deeper dive for leaders and managers.

How to gain the upper hand on health care fraud, waste and abuse
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Employing a solution that combines artificial intelligence, targeted analytics and subject matter experts helps health care payers curb fraud, waste and abuse.

Leadership tips for hybrid teams
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It is clear that the hybrid model of work, which includes some combination of on-site and remote workers, is likely to remain popular across the workforce landscape.

Here are the habits of employees who lead without the title

Your organization likely has great leaders, doing great work, despite not have the formal authority or title. How can you recogize and elevate these leaders?

Develop your presentation media: The slide deck

Don't default to PowerPoint. Understand why a slide deck exists and how it can enhance your public speaking and presentation style.

How to empower students to hear -- not fear -- different perspectives

The skill of communicating across differences is key for teaching students how to avoid the trap of labels -- and the “us” versus “them” mentality. The Moral Courage method can help students turn tense moments into rich conversations.

Get Recognized as a Leader in the Travel Industry

SmartBrief Innovation Awards: Celebrating solutions transforming the travel industry.

I see what you aren’t saying: hidden messages of classroom setup

What does your classroom say about how you value math? What you say -- or don’t say! -- does matter.

Why consumers are still reaching for canned alcoholic drinks

The ready-to-drink hard seltzer and cocktail market appeals to consumers’ desire for convenience and portability.