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Top 10: School meals, vegan food at Target and Chipotle’s wage increases

School nutrition, new plant-based foods at Target and Chipotle's pay raises made news this week.

Joann Lublin: How executive mothers navigate work and life

WSJ veteran and author Joann Lublin writes about 5 decades in the workforce, what's changed for women and what challenges remain, especially for mothers.

From recalls to rebrands: The evolution of crisis and issues management
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In this interview, Premiere Response co-founder and Executive Vice President of Customer Engagement Beth Ziff discusses how working with a customer relationship management firm can give brands an edge when dealing with recalls and other issues.

Q&A: What brands need to adapt to today’s unpredictable and accelerating pace of change
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In this interview, Acosta Chief Growth Officer John Carroll discusses the changes that the grocery retail industry has experienced over the past year, and what brands -- and Acosta -- are doing to keep pace with the changing landscape.

Retention and recruitment: What leaders need to know in the post-pandemic workplace

Many workers will look to change or quit jobs as the pandemic ends. But it doesn't have to be this way if leaders anticipate the challenges and try to solve them.

Health & wellness in the US today: Cultural shifts and the COVID-19 pandemic

Several long-term shifts have been reshaping the American health and wellness landscape over the past two decades.

Be prepared to delegate

Delegation is a skill all leaders must master. It's not simple or easy, but it is achievable with the right processes and approach.

How one drama teacher turned an odd year into an ODDportunity

Faced with no spring play or finding a creative option, one teacher turned to The Odyssey for inspiration.

4 ways to use SEL in any learning environment

How to roll out a successful social-emotional learning curriculum in online, offline or hybrid learning environments.

When you encounter a small service issue with a supplier, how do you handle it?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll question: When you encounter a small service issue with a supplier, how do you handle it?

Overcome the trust crisis with authenticity

Trust in institutions is low, and brands must be authentic like any other organization in order to win people's trust.

Cloudy forecast for residential solar market?

Proposed changes could slow -- or halt -- the growth of residential solar

Hope employees will return to the office? Start here

In-office, remote or hybrid is an important consideration. But maybe more important is whether your workplace culture connects people, regardless of where they physically sit.

How I adjusted my lab rotation blended-learning for a post-pandemic world

Here's how a middle-school teacher adjusted her lab rotation style to meet pandemic needs -- and modified it when in-person class resumed.

Q&A: Exploring the pandemic’s effect on the frozen food category
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Acosta Senior Manager of Business Intelligence Christina Davis discusses what factors are driving growth in the frozen food category and what retailers and frozen food brands can do to maintain growth and attract new customers.