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Investing in underutilized talent pools can strengthen the restaurant workforce

Hiring and retaining staffers is a top concern among restaurant operators, and tapping into underemployed populations offers a solution that can benefit restaurants, the overall industry and the communities it serves.

Women in leadership

Imagine what will happen when you gain a reputation for offering leadership training and advancement to capable women.

In January, SmartBrief surveyed its marketing and advertising audiences to learn more about marketers’ habits and attitudes towards digital lead generation and, specifically, landing pages.

What’s trending? From student motivation to new SAT scores, don’t miss these most-read stories.

What’s trending? From poor safety grades to GoodRx, don’t miss these most-read stories.

The Making of a Manager

Facebook's Julie Zhuo has written a guide for new managers that reminds us of the power -- and limitations -- of managers.

Big news from Hershey’s was this week’s most-popular news -- for the first time in its 125-year history, Hershey is unveiling a new look.


What is empathy? Why is it so important? Here are four ways you can work toward empathy.

Allen Adamson and Barton Warner explore how “grit” is the secret sauce for companies and organizations for successful brand innovation.

Senior fitness class

Social determinants of health have a major influence over health outcomes, yet historically the health care system hasn't had the ability to address them. Here's how that's changing.

Gen Z teen cooking

Welcome to the era of “eating autonomy” where Gen-Z teens independently do much of their own food preparation at home and often eat alone.


All of us can improve how we communicate with influence. Here are 6 things to remember.

With the right pedagogical, technological, and moral support, it’s never too late for people with dyslexia to improve their reading skills.

Big retailers that think beyond discounts to create programs with their customers at the center will prevail and remain competitive with smaller, more nimble rival, writes Baesman Insights & Marketing’s Evan Magliocca.

Q&A: Chef dishes on the countless culinary possibilities with pork [Image: Pork on a cutting board in a restaurant kitchen]
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Barbecue and other classic comfort food dishes have made pork a customer favorite, and using new cuts and cooking methods can create dishes that appeal to an even wider range of diners.