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How to empower students to hear -- not fear -- different perspectives

The skill of communicating across differences is key for teaching students how to avoid the trap of labels -- and the “us” versus “them” mentality. The Moral Courage method can help students turn tense moments into rich conversations.

I see what you aren’t saying: hidden messages of classroom setup

What does your classroom say about how you value math? What you say -- or don’t say! -- does matter.

A tale of two stories

Is school a place where students write their own stories -- or a place where stories are imposed and students must accept them? How teachers and students can use the metaphor of life as a story to help them reflect upon the nature of school and their rela

How I’m integrating technology in my back-to-school plan

Integrating video, using formative assessments and building student creativity should be on the list of educators this back-to-school season.

Phonemic awareness and phonics for learners of every age

Phonemic awareness and phonics instruction is largely associated with young children, but focusing on sounds and their connection to letters helps students of all grade levels with reading, spelling and writing.

Where do we grow from here?

ASCD CEO Ranjit Sidhu talks with SmartBrief Education about the lessons learned from the past year and what they mean for education and ASCD moving forward.

Sal Khan on changing the trajectory and outcomes for struggling learners

Some students have messy lives -- and the messiness hurts their learning. Khan Academy founder and CEO Sal Khan offers three ways to help them find success.

5 features to look for in a coding program

Whether you’re adopting your first coding platform or replacing an existing program, these five tips will help you make the best decision for your school or district.

6 communication and technology trends worth keeping

Effective, tech-enabled habits that schools adopted during the pandemic uncertainty have a place in the modern classroom moving forward.

Improve decisions, experiences with 4 reflection methods

True reflection can lead to better, more useful insights.

Teacher-approved tools for digital math class engagement

Virtual manipulatives, digital notes and online games are just a few options for raising engagement in online-only math classes.

What the pandemic taught me about student choice

An AP History teacher shares the lessons about alignment, mastery, and grace that have been proven to foster success in any learning environment.

Tapping gamification to track student progress

Educators need information on where students are in their learning progress. Here’s how to glean it without inundating them with assessments.

Keep students motivated for college and career during a pandemic

Fort Worth Independent School District’s Go Centers help students chart out their college and career options. See how.

4 ways to make SEL more culturally relevant

Strategies to help teachers be mindful and supportive of their students' various identities and unique strengths during SEL instruction.