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Management lessons from the dugout

Batboys are a small part of a baseball team, but how they're incorporated into a team's culture and camaraderie says a lot about management and leadership.

Rethinking career paths, promotions and landmarks

Employees want growth, opportunity and development, and even if you can't give promotions, you need to meet their needs. Start by rethinking the importance of landmarks in careers.

How to productively knock out those 2-minute tasks

Part of the Getting Things Done mantra is 2-minute tasks. But what does that mean, how do you practice it, and how does it help productivity?

How do you handle making decisions during times of uncertainty?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll question: How do you handle making decisions during times of uncertainty?

What employees want from employers

Learn the 5 things employees want if they're to feel engaged and motivated -- and not leave your organization. Retention in the Great Resignation is more important than ever.

How lessons from an adventure race apply to government leaders

Yvonne Camus, Eco-challenge 2000 Borneo finisher, discusses principles of surviving an adventure race that apply to government leaders

3 things your top talent always confide in me

Too many high-potential talent feel unheard, unsupported and unappreciated. You can wait for HR to tell you this after the employee leaves, or you can do something about it.

The simple truths of leadership turn common sense into common practice

The truths about common sense are easier than putting those principles into practice as leaders and employers. Here's some guidance from Ken Blanchard and Randy Conley on doing just that.

How government leaders can find priorities amid the chaos

The pandemic has created chaos, confusion and disorientation. Learn from a pilot how leaders can handle all that while still navigating through.

"Day one" of succession planning

Founders and CEOs alike need to plan their succession -- and they likely need more time than they're alloting. Learn from a business owner who's done succession.

What is your biggest obstacle to delegating more of what you do?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll question: What is your biggest obstacle to delegating more of what you do?

Why executive sponsorship is critical for achieving D&I goals

DEI success requires everyone's involvement, and if you're an executive or CEO, that includes you, too. Learn how from the latest data on diversity hiring.

Leadership behaviors that diminish trust

Trust is hard to built and easy to lose -- and a business imperative for managers and leaders in any organization. Learn what common ways trust is won or lost, and what you can do about it.

In praise of doing something completely different with your career

Burnout is rampant, and some people will need a new career path, while others need a full pause. It's time to discover what career shift you need.

Don't stop thinking about tomorrow (with strategy)

Strategic planning is increasingly complex and fluid. Here are 5 tips for smarter strategic planning at your annual event and on an ongoing basis.