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Delegate but don't abdicate

Here are four tips for responsibly delegating a project.

What the board needs from the CHRO

Hear it from a CFO and board member: "A great CHRO is just as critical a member of the senior leadership team as is the CFO or the general counsel."

How do you make customers feel?

Research suggests that emotional connections have business outcomes, whether for consumer buying or B2B purchases. How are you making customers feel?

How to protect your company from hijacking malware

Since their first appearance in 2013, Randsomware attacks have become increasingly popular. The best defense against these cyberattacks are endpoint protection platforms and disaster recovery plans.

Why do so many businesses feel unprepared for a data breach?

Many businesses say they don't feel prepared for a data breach, despite 2019 being named the worst year of cybercrimes so far. Businesses need to be looking into ways to fend them off because cyber attacks aren't going away.

Boosting your mental agility and critical thinking

Mental agility and critical thinking do not require an elevated IQ, advanced degree, lofty position or specific personal style. They do require a dedicated willingness to test assumptions and biases, as well as seek out other viewpoints.

Boost employee engagement with your wellness program: 6 tips

Human resources professionals can craft excellent wellness programs to keep employees engaged. Sign up for SmartBrief HR news to learn more.

The art of not taking offense

Communication is difficult, and mistakes will happen. You can hammer away at each other, or someone can be willing to be the anvil.

HR Recruiting on Social Media: HR Best Practices

Attract top job seekers with these HR best practices for social media.

What expert authors can tell you about storytelling and business

Storytelling helps people understand where facts and data alone won't suffice.

Improve performance through psychological safety

Safety means more than avoiding physical injury. Our psyches also need to feel safe.

#ICMA2019: A call to reflect and lead

A distinguished local government leader issues a call to reflect and inspire

Making a habit of personal change

Can Marshall Goldsmith's principles be welded to technology?

7 keys to help introverts thrive in the age of acceleration

An introvert's ability to navigate their career depends on the willingness to adapt to change and take risks

Resist the urge to adopt a zero-sum mentality

Zero-sum outcomes are part of life, but being stuck in that mentality isn't a good thing.