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3 secrets to NFT marketing success

Kent Lewis of Anvil Media offers three tips to those seeking to launch NFT campaigns, based on his own work to auction NFTs to raise money for a local charity.

The future of events: B2B marketers weigh in-person vs. virtual attendance

Many marketers are optimistic about the prospects of once again attending in-person events, and yet, many others still plan to stick with virtual conferences and shows. So what does the future hold for events?

5 easy changes Google could make to be less monopolistic

LinkGraph founder Manick Bhan looks at five ways that Google can be less of a monopoly, which would limit the potential for antitrust and class action lawsuits.

Q&A: Antronix’s optics expertise helps cable operators meet growing broadband needs
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SmartBrief connected with Antronix’s Vice President of Sales Juan Bravo to discuss the company’s optics line, legacy networks and what's next for broadband.

From TikTok to tuition reimbursement: Retailers adapt to the future of work

The labor market is tight, and retailers are feeling the squeeze when it comes to hiring workers. From TikTok's Resumes platform, to tuition reimbursement, to flexible work programs, find out how retailers are preparing for the future of work.

Opinion: Why Biden’s “gig economy” policy needs a rethink

Croud US Managing Director Kris Tait argues what the Biden administration has it wrong about the gig economy, and how a new generation of workers in the advertising and digital industry are keen to explore these new types of working models.

Supporting DOCSIS backward while moving forward
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As the next evolution of DOCSIS is on the horizon, network reliability will be key, but so will backwards compatibility with legacy networks. Antronix can help cable operators meet customers' broadband needs.

Full-funnel marketing in the age of mobile

AdColony’s Jean Ortiz-Luis reveals study results that apps are gaining ground on websites as a way to reach consumers as part of a full-funnel marketing approach.

Pushed to reinvent, retailers rethink collaborations

Gap and Walmart, Abercrombie and Fitch and Zappos, Kohl's and Sephora -- Retailers are increasingly collaborating with other retailers. What's behind this unusual strategy? Why are retailers turning to direct and indirect competitors to drive business?

How retailers can pivot their brand identities and adopt brand values

Consumers tend to gravitate toward brands that are authentic with their brand identities and values.

Life after cookies: Retailers test 4 targeting alternatives

Third-party cookies are practically in the rearview mirror. Where does that leave retailers looking to deliver targeted, personalized messaging to their shoppers? Take a look at four cookie alternatives some retailers are already testing.

3 things missing from your D&I marketing

Emerald-Jane (EJ) Hunter of myWHY agency explains three mistakes commonly made in a company’s diversity and inclusion marketing efforts -- and how to fix them.

5 proven ways to market your growing franchise

Nicole Penn of Raydeus Local details five proven marketing techniques that franchise owners can use to keep in touch with digitally savvy customers.

What we learned at ASAE 2021

SmartBrief’s Kelly Bragg offers key takeaways from the 2021 American Society of Association Executive’s annual conference, which dealt with how COVID-19 has affected advocacy efforts and global partnerships, communication skills and other topics.

5 ways to write effective user-friendly product descriptions

Want to write user-friendly product descriptions that win over shoppers instantly? Use these tips to create product descriptions that appeal to shoppers.