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In January, SmartBrief surveyed its marketing and advertising audiences to learn more about marketers’ habits and attitudes towards digital lead generation and, specifically, landing pages.

Allen Adamson and Barton Warner explore how “grit” is the secret sauce for companies and organizations for successful brand innovation.

Big retailers that think beyond discounts to create programs with their customers at the center will prevail and remain competitive with smaller, more nimble rival, writes Baesman Insights & Marketing’s Evan Magliocca.

Invoca's Ian Dailey explores how companies are using cutting-edge video chat features to build loyalty.

Mobile Posse's Greg Wester explores: From hardware to software, where will the next battleground be?

Tomer Tagrin asks: Is brand authenticity disrupting advertising?

In this social media-powered generation of consumers, brands need to cultivate a persona that embraces authenticity. Yotpo’s Tomer Tagrin details just how important this is, while offering three ways to promote brand authenticity.

Mythic Chief Marketing Officer Taylor Bryant writes that the wellness debate is too often focused on social media opinions, and explores how science can win the wellness marketing battle.

If you’re spending the time and money to attend a conference, make sure you walk away with great new contacts and sales leads. Jessica Thiefels offers several ideas to do exactly that – while making an impact on everyone you meet.

Mobile-first strategy is really about cross-platform experience

"Mobile-first" doesn’t mean "mobile-only." It means assuring a continuity of experience between the mobile device, the desktop and the physical store. Read more.

The best engineers for a marketing organization combines soft skills and technical abilities.

IoT and the elderly

How tech is letting seniors live more independent lives.

Major breaches, new attack methods and new approaches for cyberdefense

Major data breaches, new types of attack methods and a presidential candidate's hacker past are among the top cybersecurity stories of the first quarter of 2019.

Editor's take: Telecom

Telecom mergers and acquisitions, the movement toward 5G and advances in hardware and services were among the top stoiries of Q1. Find out what's coming next.

Antronix looks back on 40 years, explores what's next for cable broadband
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In this Q&A, Antronix exec Neil Tang talks about how cable broadband has changed, what’s next and how Antronix has tackled new challenges and industry evolution for 40 years.

Self-confidence is key for entrepreneurs looking to jump-start a new business.