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It’s time for contextual to get creative and adaptive to level up

Hindsight CEO Hersh Patel explains how contextual targeting is getting smarter, more creative and adaptive, resulting in “a landscape where the interests of publishers, advertisers and users exist in harmony.”

Changing media landscape brings new opportunities for brand magnification CEO Dilip DaSilva describes how connected TV helps brands provide addressability, relevancy, interaction and household influence in their marketing.

How the death of cookies will spur a digital creativity renaissance

Omlet’s Ricardo Diaz writes about how digital creativity will be reborn as cookies are sunset, offering creative examples of how marketers created experiences in which consumers opted to share their information.

The right marketing tech stack helps build trust

Sarah Evans talks about the lack of trust marketers have -- and how a marketing tech stack and rebuild that trust and what it should include.

Think of your business online as a “general store”

Marshall Communications’ Nancy Marshall offers advice on how to keep our digital presence from becoming impersonal, along with four ways for PR practitioners to grow their love of their profession.

Make a splash with unexpected OOH summer campaigns

AdQuick’s Matthew O’Connor details three eye-catching ways to get noticed this summer through out-of-home advertising.

Why CTV is a key answer in a cookieless future

Amid all the privacy and identity issues, the digital ad ecosystem is in crisis. To counter this, connected TV has the potential to be a more effective channel for marketers, giving them the opportunity to get ahead of measurement and address identity.

Why empathy is still crucial for successful marketing

While data-driving marketing has become important as technology has advanced, Do Supply’s Hanna Marcus cautions that empathetic marketing always "will stand the test of time."

How your multilingual marketing can strike the right tone

Sarah Evans of Sevans Digital PR writes about why voice localization is vital in international marketing and how you can ensure your next campaign sounds right. Evans also offers four ideas to improve your customers’ content experience.

Corporate buzzwords? Just say no!

May Habib, co-founder of Writer, an AI writing assistant tool, lists 20 buzzwords that every writer should remove from their vocabulary immediately.

A new creative renaissance

With the rise in privacy regulation and removal of audience identifiers, advertisers are forced to shake up their strategies and mindset. Quintesse CEO Doug Stevenson shares 5 operational, creative and privacy-safe tactics leading the way in this new era.

Digital accessibility survey reveals misunderstandings

AudioEye’s Dominic Varacalli explores findings of a website accessibility survey his firm conducted -- and how you can avoid a lawsuit to make your site more accessible to everyone.

Ad industry success and future depend on diversity

Advertising industry veteran Ron Owens says the industry’s diversity must echo that of American consumers it’s trying to reach, calling DEI “an economic necessity.”

Going beyond marketing, media and communications

SmartBrief’s Kelly Bragg and Sara Brigagliano detail four takeaways from the recent ASAE’s Marketing Membership and Communications Conference: creativity, experimentation, inclusivity and grace.

5 benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing

Most small-business owners see the need for digital marketing, but finding the time to develop, implement and maintain them consistently can be challenging. NetBlaze’s CEO Steven Clayton offers five reasons why outsourcing these tasks can be beneficial.