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5 reasons why content marketing is essential in 2021

Anvil Media’s Meg Riley looks looks at the value of content marketing, and how it can shorten the sales cycle.

Movement: A CEO’s secret weapon for cultural transformation

StrawberryFrog’s Scott Goodson and Chip Walker, co-authors of “Activate Brand Purpose,” detail what it takes for an organziation to create a successful culture-change movement.

Democratizing digital marketing for brick-and-mortar and franchise businesses

EGC Group’s Nicole Penn details why businesses of all sizes, especially those that rely on online businesses listings from Google and other sources, to counter “zero-click search.”

Employee-based targeting: The next big thing in B2B

Semcasting CEO Ray Kingman looks at how employee-based targeting can help B2B marketers fill the top of their sales funnel with qualified prospects to dramatically improve the quality and scale of engagement.

Q&A: Antronix helps solves last-mile connectivity as upstream needs expand
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Antronix's Joe Palermo discusses broadband as a necessity and how the company's Inverse Fiber Amplifier helps cable operators clear last-mile connectivity hurdles.

Social commerce emerges as the new capital for brands to reach customers

Azoya’s Franklin Chu offers retailers social commerce best practices based on successful campaigns from several luxury brands in the Chinese market.

6 ways to pace the relationship building process

Nancy Marshall of Marshall Communications writes about the importance of relationships, and offers six ways to build trusted, valuable business relationships.

The most overlooked marketing asset? Brand ambassadors

Refersion’s Raj Nijjer looks at an often overlooked aspect of influencer marketing: brand ambassadors. Nijjer looks at the value brand ambassadors offer brands and how your brand can work with them.

How to advocate for a bigger content marketing budget

Anvil Media’s Kent Lewis looks at the growth and value of content marketing and offers strategies for growing your 2021 CM budget.

How brands are leveraging long-form storytelling

MacGillivray Freeman Films’ Shaun MacGillivray shares the importance of using long-form storytelling practices like documentaries in advertising and marketing campaigns to leverage a brand’s connection with consumers around social movements.

What it means today for brands to take a stand

Ty Heath of the B2B Institute at LinkedIn looks at how marketers can move beyond “hashtag activism” and use their abilities to take an active stance on social issues and transform norms and influence culture.

What marketers need to know about local in 2021

Klarn DePalma of MNI Targeted Media offers best practices from the 2019-20 election cycle that marketers can use to help brands engage customers across channels, and with meaningful, personalized messaging.

Why I was wrong about Clubhouse … and you are, too

Sway Group’s Tiffany Romero offers her first-hand experience of using audio app Clubhouse, and the possibilities the audio-only social network offers for influencer marketing.

5 ways marketers can overcome paralysis by complexity

While marketers face a complex world in 2021, Amobee’s Caity Noonan offers advice on how they can navigate that complexity by first putting their house in order in terms of privacy, identity, customer and prospect data and unified measurement solutions.

Livestream lessons from global e-commerce players

Walmart recently dipped its toes into livestream e-commerce, already a popular trend in China. Azoya’s Franklin Chu explores this trend and how brands use influencers to grow sales and connect with their consumers.