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Marketers need to rethink their strategies for these extraordinary times: Embrace digital and optimization

Airship’s Mike Herrick explores how B2C and B2B marketers should “embrace customers digitally” and explore new ways to experiment to maintain their customer connections during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

B2B marketing automation platforms: Making the right choice

Choosing the right B2B marketing automation platform for your company can be difficult. SmartBrief provides best practices for navigating the situation.

Future-proof your resume: The top 5 digital marketing skills to learn now

BrainStation CEO Jason Field explores digital marketing skills professionals need to know to help recession-proof their careers.

Influencers see surge in engagement, want to help SMBs

Influence Central’s Stacy DeBroff unveils findings of an influencer survey that shows how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their social media, their daily habits and their desire to help brands.

Remote work and cybersecurity: Coronavirus impact

The coronavirus has caused an enormous shift to remote work across the globe. SmartBrief dives into why that might make organizations more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Striking a balance between data privacy & digital personalization

RangeMe’s Brandon Leong looks at trends in personalization and data privacy, before giving five data best practices for retailers.

Business communications key during coronavirus

SmartBrief Digital Media Editor Mike Driehorst talks with experts about how brands should communicate to their internal and external audiences during the coronavirus pandemic.

Business Resilience in Digital Media: Shama Hyder Interview

The coronavirus pandemic has caused immense disruption across nearly every industry. Shama Hyder, founder & CEO of Zen Media, spoke with SmartBrief about business resilience and adapting in a world occupied by the pandemic.

The third-party cookie is dead. Why adtech needs optimism now more than ever

EMX CEO Michael Zacharski explains the link between optimism and innovation and why adtech shouldn’t mourn the third-party cookie. He also offers advice on creating an optimistic mindset.

Adapting digital strategies for a cookieless world

MediaNet CEO Julia Amorim takes a strategic view of a "cookieless world" and three steps for a "viable way forward for marketers."

Addressable TV advertising: Seeing opportunities, striking a balance

SmartBrief Telecommunications Editor Isabel Kunkle explores how addressable TV can effectively be used by marketers while balancing privacy for viewers.

IoT Security Flaws Are Putting Your Business at Risk

About half of all IoT devices connected to business networks are consumer devices. Many of these devices have little or no protection and are used in both personal and business settings.

Q&A: Antronix execs on 4 decades of change, adaptation and success in cable broadband
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Cable broadband has seen many changes and transitions through the years. What does it take to be successful in such an environment? Leaders from Antronix talk about how the company has been successful over 40 years, and what's in store for the industry.

Leading e-commerce market expands its reach

Azoya USA’s Franklin Chu looks at the different strategies Alibaba, and Pinduoduo are using to win over these customers in less-developed areas and lessons US retail companies can apply to reach Chinese consumers hungry for their products.

The Iowa Caucus App and Nevada: A Cybersecurity Perspective

The Iowa Caucus app disaster has raised numerous concerns about the security risks of online voting. What implications will this have for the Nevada caucuses?