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Carve your space in influencer marketing just by being yourself

Establishing a solid influencer platform in today’s constantly shifting social media landscape can be challenging. The good news? You can create incredible market impact just by leaning into more of what makes you … you.

How to market to the ethical consumer: 6 effective marketing strategies

Anvil Media’s Kent Lewis provides background on the rise of ethical consumerism and 6 ways brands can engage and market to these consumers.

A Modern war of the Titans: How will the digital ad universe be divided?

DISQO’s David Grabert takes a look at the data “war” between Apple and Facebook and concludes “the industry has little choice but to communicate better and to broker a new deal with consumers around their data.”

Speaking the language of OOH advertisers in 2021

AdQuick’s Matthew O’Connor offers a refresher on about 20 terms often used in out-of-home media. It’s a look that’s helpful whether you’re a newbie or a veteran in the OOH industry.

How marketing automation can impact remote work

Want to make remote work more efficient? It’s time to leverage marketing automation. Attrock’s Gaurav Sharma explains how marketing automation can help your business grow.  

Opinion: The pandemic is a test-run for brands to rescue the world

Alto New York’s Genevieve Hoey and Tara Fray make the case for B Corporations and why real change will come from brand activism when big brands take the lead.

It’s a make-or-break holiday season for retailers: Here’s how CTV can help

Tremor Video’s Stephanie Scheper details how retailers can effectively use connected TV during the holiday shopping season.

10 tips you need to host a successful virtual event

RaffertyWeiss Media’s Patrick Rafferty offers 10 tips for event organizers to create and host successful virtual events.

Shama Hyder talks about how brands can make the most out of livestreaming

Zen Media CEO and founder Shama Hyder talks in this Q&A about how brands can benefit from adding livestreaming videos to their marketing mix.

A glimpse of 2021 global retail trends

Azoya’s Franklin Chu look at how the coronavirus pandemic as changed China’s retail market, and how those changes in consumer behavior could affect the US and global retail markets in 2021.

4 major trends for digital marketing in 2021

Anvil Media’s Kent Lewis gazes into his crystal ball to see four trends in digital marketing we can expect for 2021.

How are influencers and brands treating this holiday season differently?

Bailey Lauerman’s Kathleen Al-Marhoon talks with several influencers about trends they see for the holiday shopping season and what they’re hearing from brands.

A COVID-19 vaccine could lead to a surge in OOH advertising, but is the industry ready?

Wrapify’s James Hellers looks how the out-of-home industry has recently rebounded during the coronavirus pandemic as people have ventured out more. He also looks at the major growth that’s to be expected once a COVID-19 vaccine is approved.

Reinventing Retail - The View from Optoro

Optoro's Larisa Summers discusses retail changes spurred by the pandemic and building brand loyalty.

Reinventing Retail - The View from IDC

Leslie Hand of IDC Retail and Financial Insights looks forward to what retailers should focus on in 2021.