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Leverage your OTC benefit to improve MA chronic disease outcomes
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CMS regulations give insurers new opportunities to make the most of this benefit.

FAQ: Top Digital Marketing Trends Q4 2019

SmartBrief answers the most frequently asked digital marketing questions from across the internet - Q4 2019 edition.

Airport lounges step up their game to serve millennials, solo travelers

Millennials and those adding leisure to business trips are growing segments for the travel industry.

Are you developing the right leaders fast enough?

Circuit City's demise is a reminder that successful, charismatic leaders still have to develop leaders to succeed them.

Top 10: Walmart, Houlihan’s and a General Mills/Nielsen partnership

Walmart ranked high on two new top retailer lists this week.

Are your expectations getting the best of you?

Expectations are often not met because we make assumptions instead of paying attention.

What's inclusion mean in practice? And why is compassion so important to its success?

Nooyi shares what it takes to get more women in the C-suite

The former CEO of PepsiCo identifies hurdles that stand in the way of female executives

Next-level CHROs put people first

Treating people well is job No. 1 for HR chiefs.

Pioneers push the business case for space

Reusability of equipment a big game-changer for the business of space

Former Goldman Sachs boss Blankfein dishes on the markets, the economy and politics

Former Goldman Sachs CEO shares his thoughts on an array of topics

McNamee warns of the dangers of a new data economy

Silicon Valley veteran sounds stark warning about Big Tech

In-store pharmacies, health offerings shifting with trends, technology

Large pharmacy chains and grocers with in-store pharmacies are shifting their strategies based on consumer demand and new technology.

Why CHROs, CIOs and CISOs should be working together

HR, IT and cyber chiefs all have a lot on their plates, and they should be working together on shared challenges and opportunities.

Experts dissect the severity of the opioid crisis

Experts discuss epidemic that continues to ravage parts of the US